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extruderschweissgeraet fremdluft

Model MEK-18-B (ext. air supply)

Hand extruders with external air supply are preferred for shop welding applications. They are smaller and lighter weight than their comparable autoair counterparts. Simple to use, with special constructed solid motor.

Technical Data


Max. welding rate:

1,8 kg / h, ø 4 mm
    1.1 kg/h, ø 3 mm
  Welding material: PP / PE / PVDF
  Extrudate: Round rod ø 3 / 4 mm
  Application range: Wall thicknesses 4 – 15 mm
  Weight: 4,8 kg
  Length: 470 mm
  Electronic speed control: yes
  Cartridge heater: 400 W
  With powerbox: no
  Hot air blower: 2300 W














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