Landfill version


Extruderweißgerät mit Eigenluftversorgung

Model MAK 18 B (int. air supply)

Hand extruders with autoair supply are used in workshop and site welding applications. The on-board hot air blower obviates the need for external air supply and additional compressor units. Simple to use, with special constructed solid motor.


Technical Data


Max. welding rate:

1,8 kg / h, ø 4 mm
    1.1 kg/h, ø 3 mm
  Welding material: PP / PE / PVDF
  Extrudate: Round rod ø 3 / 4 mm
  Application range: Wall thicknesses 4 – 15 mm
  Weight: 5.5 kg
  Length: 470 mm
  Electronic speed control: yes
  Cartridge heater: 400 W
  With powerbox: no
  Hot air blower: 2300 W














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