Hot Air Plastic-Welding Quick –S- Electronic

Electronic Hot Air Welding Torch Model Quick –S- Electronic

Constant and completely reliable electronic control for temperatures up to 700 °C.



S - Line product range The hot-air welding equipment Quick-S-Electronic stands out for its unique ergonomic handle. Thanks to its ergonomics and light weight the user can handle the equipment professionally and effortlessly. The equipment has a heat output of 1500 Watts 230 V and a constant and completely reliable electronic control for temperatures up to 700 °C. Moreover, the equipment is easy to service thanks to a new motor generation with considerably increased carbon service lives of more than 1,500 hours. The collector carbons are also equipped with a disconnection organ, which prevents damage to the motor after the carbon brushes have been worn down. The collector carbons can be changed several times. Carbons can be easily changed from the outside without the need to open up the equipment. The air-cooled heating element pipe is suitable for various different shapes of nozzle. The all-round equipment for the welding all thermoplastics, technical textiles, tarpaulin sheets, pond sheeting, roof sheeting and swimming pool construction sheeting.


Technical Data

  Nominal voltage range 120 V or 230 V~
  Frequency range 50Hz - 60Hz
  Power 120 V 1650 W or 230 V 1500 W
  Output temperature ≤ 700°C
  Noise emission level < 70dB
  Protection class II/ (double insulation)