Butt welding field machines


Butt welding field machines OD 40-1600 mm, also with CNC

PT 250 230V 50Hz (standard) –3,3kW

The PT series of butt welding machines are covering completely the welding area from OD 40-1600 mm between pressure ranges of PN4 – PN20. For more information and details on request. PT Series machines are hydraulically operated butt welding field machines for welding pipes and fittings of PE,PP and other thermoplastic materials. The solid frame and the compact dimensions make the machines highly suitable for working on site, for example in gas and water canal.

As an option you can also choose all these welding machines with the new system of reducing inserts, called "click-clack", (patented) which shortens assembling time of the machines extremely without needing any other tools for changing the inserts.


Technical Data PT 250 230 V 50 Hz (standard) - 3,3 kW

  Machines Composition
Sizes (mm) Weight (kg)
  Welding range OD 63 - 250
  Basic machine OD 250 
  PTFE-coated heating mirror 21
  with electronic thermostat
  Electric facing tool 16
  with safety micro switch
  Storage frame for facing tool 8
  and mirror
  Hydraulic unit 24
  Reducing inserts for pipes OD 63, 75, 90, 110, 125, 54
  and fittings  140, 160, 180, 200, 225
  Stub device OD 63 - 250 11

More information about our butt welding field machines on request.