Machines for welding of sanitary pipes and drainages

Model EURO 160 230 V 50 Hz (standard) – 1,51 kW

Machines for welding of sanitary and drainage pipes, light - weight, for easy operations and transport complete with a drawer which will hold accessories when not in use.Information about more machines for larger diameters on request.




Technical Data

  Pressure rates:SDR 41 - 17,6 all sizes. SDR 11 sizes 40 - 125 mm
  Machine consisting of Sizes (mm) Weight (kg)
  Basic machine OD 160
  Electric cutting mill  
  PTFE-coated heating mirror  
  Two main clamps OD 160
  Reduction inserts main clamps (2 set) OD 40 - 140
  Back supports right and left (2 pcs) OD 160  
  Reduction inserts for back supports (2 set) OD 40 - 140  
  Metal combined frame with drawer    
  Total weight   51