Plastic pipe welding


The workshop welding machines are designed for the butt welding of pipes and fittings of PE,PP,PVDF,and other thermoplastic materials.They are subdivided in PL and EURO/WORLD series.You can choose between machines operated hydraulically , manually or automatically for welding pipes and fittings of DA 25 – 2500 mm. All hydraulically operated machines of PL series can be delivered also in CNC version. We also offer band saws (from DA 90-1600mm) to prepare pipes for the production of segmented elbows and T-,Y- and cross pieces.


PL Series

The workshop welding machines of PL series are designed for manufacturing of fittings (segmented elbows, T- pieces, cross pieces and Y- pieces).They can be used for industrial prefabrication of such fittings and pipe-to-pipe welding. All hydraulically operated machines of the PL series can also be delivered with CNC unit. Advantages of these CNC units are automatically and controlled operation and the possibility to print out and transfer to PC Database “Memoplan” all process parameters. Reduction inserts in PL machines are produced like two half shells, each set is lying one in each other which therefore provides a precise clamping of the pipes in each radius.

Informations about welding machines and heating elements for welding of district heating pipes or saws for radius cutting of pipes on request.

Workshop machine PL 315 C, 230V 50Hz (standard) –5,6 kW – 24,5 A

Workshop welding machine for butt welding of pipes and fittings of PE,PP and PVDF. This workshop machine is completely operated hydraulically and comfortable to handle and control.

Plastik kaynak makinası


Technical Data

  SDR-Pressure rates 41 - 6. Cylinder's total section 6,47 cm²
  Welding width
  T-Pieces 90 and Crosses OD OD 90-315 mm
  Y-Shapes 45° and 60°OD OD 90-250 mm
  Y-Shapes and 60° Pieces OD 90-250 mm
  Basic machine consisting of Two pivoting main clamps   Größen (mm) Weight (kg)
  Basic machine with hydraulic control
  Two pivoting main clamps OD 315 OD 315 mm
  Reduction inserts OD 90 - 280 mm
  Electric mill cutter with reducing gear and safety micro switch
  PTFE-coated heating mirror
  Weight total 380

More information about our pipe welding machines on request.