Socket Fusion Tools Plastic Welding

Picture shows MG 160


MSG 32 (Sockets and spigots OD 16 – 40 mm)
MSG 160 (Sockets and spigots OD 16 – 125 mm)

Socket fusion tool to hold heating sockets and spigots. Electronic or thermostat controls, the voltage alternative in 230 or 110 V. On/ off switch and build- in lamp for interval control are integrated into handle. Electronic controled version conform to german welding rules DVS 2208.
Base model: heating element without sockets and spigots, with bench holder, screw and key set. The complete set includes heating element with sockets and spigots, bench holder, screw, key set and steel carrying case.

Technical Data MSG 32:

  The tools is designed to simultaneously hold 2 sets socket and spigots.
  In the lower part of the element as size as 32 mm.
  In the upper part of the element as size as 63 mm.
600 Watt
  Weight: 2500 g
  Accessories: Steel carrying case,
    Sockets and spigots OD 16 – 40 mm