Plastic welding devices – the right equipment for every application!

For every plastic welding technique the right machine or tool!

Because of different demands there are different techniques of welding. Following please find an overview about some of the most familiar ones for the fusion of thermoplastic material.

Plastic pipe welding in workshop

For pipe-to-pipe welding or low-price production of T-, Y-, X-fitiings or segmented ellbows in workshop, precise and cheap, also in serial production.

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Kunststoffrohr-Schweißmaschinen Baustelle

Pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-fitting welding on site, easy to transport and to handle because of several component assembliesen.


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For Plastic welding / container engineering

For fusion pipes as discharge or filler pipe to containers, especially in case of bigger wallthickness, it is recommended to use hand extruders with integrated or external air supply.


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Plastic welding of smaller parts with hot air devices

Several welding operations on components can be done usefully with a hot air welding device and plastic rod. They have a wide range of application because of their different power and sizes.


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Plastic welding of tarpaulins with hot air devices

A special application is the welding of tarpaulins or pool foils. With Hot air welding devices and special nozzles it is possible to heat-seal these foils quick and safe.


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Plastic welding of sheets with sheet butt welder

For big-sized plastic sheets, especially for precise welding and 90° bending, material sizes up to 6 m length and 200 mm thickness, also for hollow sheets and concrete protective liner, also available with sheet rolling unit, CNC controll for full-automatic welding and data-base.

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Plastic welding at landfill construction

Landfill construction requires a precise welding with a light weight but powerful welding unit. Our extruders with a robust electric motor and auto air supply grant to meet these requirements.


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